The economic burden of migraine can be considerable for employers. The annual direct healthcare costs of people suffering with migraine are approximately 2.5x higher than the costs for people without migraine.1

The incremental indirect cost of a migraine patient is $2,350 annually compared with someone without migraine.1

The Employer Migraine Cost Estimator can calculate the estimated impact of migraine in your organization using company- and industry-specific inputs.

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Customizable inputs include

  • Company size
  • Type of industry
  • Geographic region
  • Average wages and benefits

The calculated results provide a summary of the costs associated with migraine unique to your organization, including the estimated

  • Number of employees with migraine
  • Number of lost workdays
  • Indirect costs due to lost productive time (measured as absenteeism and presenteeism)
  • Direct costs due to outpatient and inpatient doctor visits and prescription medications

Includes an option to print out your report

An Amgen representative can review the calculated results with you. Please send an email to and a representative will get in contact with you shortly.

Do you want to support your employees with migraine?

Working With MigraineTM is an employee well-being program focused on migraine awareness, education, and management. Learn more.

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References: 1.Bonafede M, Sapra S, Shah N, Tepper S, Cappell K, Desai P. Direct and indirect healthcare resource utilization costs among migraine patients in the United States. Headache. 2018;58:700-714.

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